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Smoke Control Systems

Specific Control Functions

Our fan technology plays several important roles in the event of an emergency condition. Each could be an important defense against life-threatening fumes and hot smoke:

Control and removal of hot smoke/gases to give time for occupants to escape – even if the fan itself is subject to high temperatures. Extraction of ‘cool’ smoke while it remains unstable in the early stages of a fire.

Pressurization: supply of clean air into escape routes to hold back smoke.

Clearance: removal of residual smoke after fire is contained and suppressed Natural ventilation may be inadequate for these needs, particularly where ‘cool’ smoke may be involved, and could be compromised by prevailing winds.

Smoke Extraction Systems

Design Features

The Ventrite Fire Mac Smoke Fans are currently fitted into Drying Machines, Stenters, and Smoke Venting systems, all over the world. This long experience coupled with the introduction of the new improved performance JM Aerofoil fan range forms the basis for the new  H.T. SERIES fans and roof extract units designed specifically for Fire Smoke Ventilation. Our suppliers manufactures fan motors, and is therefore able to look critically at the requirements of motor insulation, bearings and lubricants which are vital elements in achieving high temperature  performance.  Extensive stress tests on the new JM Aerofoil  fan impellers operating at high temperatures has enabled Ventrite International to make the best use of both designs and materials.

A full high temperature test programme has been successfully  completed. Some of  this programme was carried out at independent laboratories, eg T.Ü. in Germany and C.T.I.C.M. in France

These tests combined with renowned high standard of engineering and quality assurance serve to support the H.T. SERIES specification.

Extensive market research has resulted in the H.T. SERIES being offered in six temperature/time categories to meet all of the internationally recognised requirements.

The equipment detailed in this publication is not the full range of items  available. If  your  requirement is not included  please  enquire to your nearest sales office.

Product Finishes

Suggested Applications

High Temperature Smoke Extraction Fans


Fan Range

Impellar Material

Supporting BSRIA Reports


200°C / 2 Hr / F200

31JM to 160JM



315mm to 2800mm diameter

250°C 2 Hr / Not Classified

31JM to 160JM


17867B/2, 17867B/3

315mm to 2800mm diameter

300°C / 1 Hr / F300

31JM to 160JM


17867B/2, 17867B/3

315mm to 2800mm diameter

300°C / 1.5 Hr / Not Classified

31JM to 160JM


17867B/2, 17867B/3

315mm to 2800mm diameter

300°C / 2 Hr / Not Classified

31JM to 160JM


17867B/2, 17867B/3

315mm to 2800mm diameter

400°C / 2 Hr / F400

31JM to 125JM


17867B/2, 17867B/3

315mm to 2800mm diameter

Model Dynamics  and Dimensions



BSRIA Summary Report 56502-7 (Actom).pdf

Tested In Accordance To The European Standard EN 12101-3 Standard

This highly specialized smoke fan extraction range have successfully been tested according to the EN 12101-3 standard, by an approved European Institution and have achieved outstanding results in the following disciplines:

BS EN 12101-3 Test Classes

F200 (200°C, 2Hr)

F300 (300°C, 1Hr)

Unclassified (300°C, 2Hr)

Test Temperature


Test Time (Hours)

2 Hrs

Application Classes


Smoke Reservoir and Non Smoke Reservoir

Dual Purpose

No Ducted Cooling Air Required

Horizontal Orientation

Vertical Orientation

Form A and Form B Operation

General specifications Fläkt Woods fans for smoke control and fire safety are supplied with the following general specifications:  Installation –  Suitable for internal  and external mounting –  Run and standby operation,  in parallel or series Standards –  EN 12101-3 compliant –  Aerodynamic tested to  BS ISO 5801:2007 –  Acoustic tested to  BS 848-2.5:2003 –  CE-marked Motors – IE2 motors where applicable  –  IP55 rated motor protection Impeller –  Non-stalling pitch blade angle  (available on certain fans) –  X-ray examination of impeller  castings

Technical Detail for Specifications

Flaktwoods EN12101 - Dec 2012.pdf
Woods JM  HT.pdf

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